Amundi targets short-term euro debt with latest ESG launch


Amundi has launched a new green bond fund, which aims to protect investors against rising interest rates while supporting the green energy transition through shorter-term European debt.

Amundi Funds’ Euro Corporate Short Term Green Bond will be managed by the company’s corporate credit team, which manages €37 billion of green bonds.

The team includes Citywire+ rated manager Yael Muscat, as well as head of fixed income head of investment Alban de Faÿ and Hervé Boiral, who is the firm’s head of euro credit. They will be supported by Amundi’s 44 credit research and ESG analysis teams.

The fund, which will be actively managed using a top-down and bottom-up approach, will invest exclusively in green bonds from companies committed to financing measurable ecological projects and will be aligned with the guidelines of the “Green Bond Principles”.

Sectors that will be targeted include alternative energy sources and utilities, financial services, transport and real estate, with the aim of providing an “attractive return” while supporting the transition from fuel use. fossils.

A report will be produced each year on the number of tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided thanks to the programs financed.

Amaury d’Orsay, Head of Fixed Income at Amundi, said: “Corporate issuers have increasingly engaged in the fight against climate change. This has resulted in a growing and increasingly diverse green corporate bond market.

“Amundi Funds Euro Corporate Short Term Green Bond aims to enable investors to protect their portfolio against rising interest rates while seeking to generate a positive impact.”

Amundi has launched several funds and initiatives to support green bonds in recent years, including the Amundi Responsible Investing Impact Green Bonds and Amundi Planet Emerging Green One funds, as well as the Green Credit Continuum Program and the Amundi Responsible Investing Just Transition for Climate.

The new fund is available within flagship Luxembourg SICAV Amundi Funds and is registered in Luxembourg, Norway, France, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, UK, Finland, Sweden, Ireland , Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.


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