Diablo Immortal Whale asks Blizzard to reverse $34,000 “orb debt”


A Diablo Immortal whale who says he “owes Blizzard $34,000” over the removal of third-party Eternal Orb purchases from his account is calling for a character restore. While everyone accepts the phrase “Diablo Immortal orb debt” following Blizzard’s recent crackdown on purchases from third-party websites in fantasy gaming, some affected players are trying to appeal for leniency from Blizzard.

Silkypico, a big-spending gamer who now faces a -2.4 million Eternal Orb debt in the action-RPG game that he says would cost around $34,000 worth of in-game microtransactions to pay off, asked Blizzard an option for individual character restoration as an alternative to refunding the orb amount. “The option that should have been given to me is a) to pay back what you owe, which is $34,000, or b) we will restore your account to a date before the addition of the ‘toxic assets’.

Admitting to its use of third-party “black market services” (which it says took place between August 1 and August 8 and was the result of an “Asia-originated payment loophole”), Silkypico says that he would gladly accept the punishment of seeing his levels and gear return to where they were in July. In fact, he doesn’t think it would be too much of a problem. “The way the paragon server system is designed, I could be back to my current level within days.” He adds that any gear he had would be obsolete at paragon level 240 anyway – although that begs the question of how much of a “punishment” that option would be.

Many users on the gaming subreddit are unconvinced by Silkypico’s argument. Most of the positive reviews just say “don’t cheat next time” and suggest that “you can roll back your character by creating a new one”. Some say those hit by orb deficits should just be banned altogether, and allowing them to simply pay the balance and continue playing encourages players to take advantage of sketchy services in the future, knowing that the Potential punishment is simply having to pay full price if caught off guard.

When asked for comment, Blizzard provided PCGamesN with the following statement: “We want to ensure a level playing field for everyone in Diablo Immortal: part of that effort is to take action when we see players participate in fraudulent purchases. After investigating community concerns about suspicious Eternal Orb purchases, we found accounts in violation of Blizzard’s End User Agreement. We conducted thorough investigations to verify accounts that participated in these activities and took various disciplinary actions. We will continue to monitor and take corrective action if necessary. »

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