Romania’s public debt-to-GDP ratio up 0.8pp in April to 49.2%


Although Romania issued no Eurobonds in April, the country’s public debt increased by RON 8.9 billion (EUR 1.8 billion) during the month, to RON 602.9 billion. RON (about EUR 120 billion), according to data published by the Ministry of Finance. .

The debt-to-GDP ratio rose to 49.2% from 48.4% at the end of March. It was 48.8% at the end of 2021.

In April, the Treasury issued 260 million euros of bonds in the local market (in addition to local currency bonds) and the government began to take money from the nearly 4 billion euros disbursed by the European Commission under the resilience facility (but initially placed in the accounts of the National Bank of Romania and therefore not included in the public debt).

Romania’s medium and long-term debt increased, in April, by RON 9.4 billion to RON 583.0 billion, while short-term debt decreased by around RON 0.5 billion to RON 19.9 billion. Most of this debt, respectively RON 498.6 billion at the end of April, is made up of government securities. The loans amounted to RON 94.5 billion.

By currency, Romania’s public debt is denominated in euros (the equivalent of RON 288.915 billion) and in local currency (RON 265.0 billion), while the share of debt denominated in dollars is smaller ( the equivalent of 47.6 billion RON).

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